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Humboldt County is home to both the California Ground Squirrel and the Gray Squirrel. Having a few squirrels scattered throughout your yard is normal. Issues arise, however, when they find their way inside your home. Squirrels in your attic or walls can cause tremendous damage to the structure. 707 Pest Solutions is a licensed wildlife removal company with the California Department of Fish and Game. Contact us for squirrel removal service when these cute little critters start to become a nuisance

Dangers of Having Squirrels In Your Attic

Do you hear scratching, shuffling, and other weird noises coming from your attic or walls? You may be living with squirrels. You’ll want to have these critters removed quickly before the following damage occurs. 

Chewed Wiring and Wood

Squirrels are classified as rodents. Like any other rodents, their teeth are constantly growing. Squirrels will chew on electrical wiring, siding, and wood in order to grind down their teeth. This can result in structural damage to your home. 

Insulation Contamination

The insulation in your attic is important for regulating the temperature within your home. For squirrels that find their way into your attic, it’s a different story. They will ruin your insulation by defecating and urinating on it. 707 Pest Solutions does offer a insulation & damage repair service to fix these issues mentioned above.

Unpleasant Odors

The build up of squirrel droppings in your insulation does not smell good! Squirrels can also get trapped in your walls and die, which will emit a nasty smell in your home.

Health Concerns

Squirrels rarely carry rabies, but are known to carry harmful diseases, such as Salmonellosis and Lyme Disease. Squirrels may even be hosts to bacteria-carrying ticks. These ticks could potentially separate from their host squirrel and infiltrate your home, seeking you as their next target.

What Attracts Squirrels To Your Home and Yard?

There are three main reasons why squirrels attempt to seek shelter within your home. The first is to find food sources. Yards with bird feeders, fruit or nut trees, and vegetable gardens make gathering food easy. Squirrels will also seek shelter when in danger of being attacked by predators. Nesting inside your home or attic provides protection, allowing them to rest or even give birth to their offspring. Lastly, squirrels seek warm shelter during cold and rainy months. Your home makes a fantastic living option for all of these reasons. Contact 707 Pest Solutions if you suspect squirrel activity in your home.

We Can Repair Structural Damage & Replace Insulation

Squirrels become a threat to your home and health when inside your building. Their chewing can damage wood, siding, and electrical wires. Squirrels can also contaminate attic insulation with their droppings. Our expert technicians are able to locate areas with damage caused from squirrels, and make any necessary wood repairs. We can also remove contaminated insulation and replace it with traditional fiberglass insulation, or a popular spray foam insulation. Click below to learn more about our damage repair service.

Call 707 Pest Solutions For Squirrel Removal & Exclusion

Call 707 Pest Solutions if you suspect squirrel activity in your house. Sure, squirrels may leave independently, but many more may also find their way inside. Long-term structural damages and health concerns are associated with squirrels living in your attic. Putting off squirrel removal will only need costly repairs down the road. 

Our squirrel service is twofold. We work to remove squirrels from your home and then incorporate exclusion measures to keep them away. Removing squirrels is not enough if entry points are left open for future squirrels to find their way inside. Our team is experienced, licensed, and professional. Humboldt residents can call us for effective critter control all year long!

How We Remove Squirrels and Keep Them Away

1. Inspect For Squirrel Infestation

Every squirrel infestation we handle is unique. Some of our control methods may vary, depending on where you live and how rural an area your property is on. Our inspection serves to get a lay of the land and determine whether or not squirrels are present within your home.

2. Recommendation

We provide our recommended plan for squirrel removal after finding them in your home. We'll also make suggestions for ways to reduce the squirrel population in your yard. Our recommendation will outline exactly what our service entails and map out a timeline for completion.

Squirrel Removal & Exclusion

We often use a wildlife eviction door, when possible, to remove squirrels from your home. This one-way door is temporarily installed to give squirrels a way out. They are not able to re-enter through the door once outside. After all the squirrels are removed, we take off the eviction door and permanently seal that opening, along with any other entry points we notice around your house. The one-way eviction door is important so that we do not seal up entry holes with squirrels still left inside.

4. Ongoing Monitoring & Prevention

We like to schedule follow up visits to evaluate our efforts. During these visits, our team will make routine walk-through inspections of your home to verify that the entry points are still properly sealed. We'll seal up any new entry points that we find so that your home remains protected from squirrels for many months to come.