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707 Pest Solutions is able to exterminate and control every species of spider. Spiders can quickly become a problem when found inside the house. We work to gain control by regularly applying exterior treatments, such as spraying and sweeping for spider webs and nests. Our theory is that spiders can’t become an issue inside if they can’t make it inside. Contact us for treatment if you suspect you have a spider infestation, or if you wish to receive our preventative spider control treatment.

Spiders have 8 legs and are common household insects. There are a few different spider species in Humboldt County, with the only poisonous spider to worry about being the Black Widow. You may see other non-poisonous spiders around your home, including Orb-Weavers, Cellar spiders, Pumpkin spiders, and the occasional Daddy Long Legs.

Signs Of Spiders Near Your Home

Spiders are year-round pests that reproduce in the spring and summer. They seek shelter during colder months, marking your home and yard as potential dwelling options. Spiders also go where they can find food, feeding on cockroaches, flies, and other insects. Keep an eye out for the following signs if you suspect spider activity around your home.

Spider Webs & Nests

We agree that this one seems obvious. Look for spider webs and nests around corners and other dark places near your home. Spiders use their nests to trap and feed on insects. 707 Pest Solutions offers a spider web sweeping service to keep your house looking neat and orderly, while knocking down the overall spider population.

Spider Poop

You’ll likely find little black specks around when dealing with a spider infestation. Look on the floor near corners where spider webs might be. You may also find droppings under furniture or large objects that are up off the floor.

Egg Sacs

A female spider can lay 4-9 egg sacs at a time, with each sac housing up to 750 eggs. Egg sacs are loosely woven from whiteish-silk, much like what spider webs are made from. Spider eggs may even attract other spiders to your home, as spiders are cannibalistic and will eat younger spiders. You’ll want to contact a professional spider exterminator if you see egg sacs in or around your home or office.

How To Keep Spiders Away From Your Property

707 Pest Solutions offers comprehensive spider control treatment for homes and office buildings throughout Humboldt County. There are some techniques home and office owners can implement on their own to help reduce their spider population. These suggestions should be used in conjunction with one another.

Remove Potential Shelter Areas

Spiders will seek shelter in leaves, wood piles, garden features, and general messy areas. These locations provide comfy areas for spiders to nest, so you’ll want to clean them often when attempting to keep spiders away. Spiders may also make nests in shrubs and bushes near your building as well. 

Regular Cleaning

Going off of the first suggestion, regular cleaning is the best way to prevent spiders from showing up in your home. We recommend that you vacuum frequently and use a broom to knock away any out-of-reach spider webs. 

Keep Other Pests Away

Spiders feed on other insects. Homes with active pests, such as ants and cockroaches, are susceptible to an increase in spider population. Do your best to keep other insects away, or hire 707 Pest Solutions to do the work for you!

Insecticides and Sprays

While over the counter insecticides are available, we urge you to use caution when selecting this treatment method. They typically contain chemicals that may be harmful to your family and pets. These do-it-yourself treatments usually only work to kill existing spiders, and rarely work to prevent or repel them. 707 Pest Solutions believes that denying access into your home is the best spider control option available. Our sweeping procedure removes spider webs and also leaves behind a residual repellant. This residual treatment works to further keep spiders away from the inside of your building.

When Are Spiders Dangerous To Your Health?

The majority of spiders in Humboldt and Del Norte County are not considered dangerous to your health. The one spider you should be concerned with is the Black Widow. These spiders are highly poisonous and can be distinguished by their black bodies and red, hourglass shaped mark on the underside of their abdomen. You should seek medical attention immediately if bitten by a Black Widow spider. Their bite may result in symptoms such as nausea, chills, difficulty breathing, fever, headache, an increase in blood pressure, and general weakness. Humans rarely die as a result of being bitten by a Black Widow. 

Our Spider Control Treatment Plan

1. Inspect For Spider Infestation

The first thing we will do is inspect your property for spider presence. We look for an abundance of webs, droppings, and actual spiders on this visit. We will also outline potential areas that may attract spiders to your property, and make suggestions on what to do with those areas.

2. Recommendation

Following the inspection, we put together our recommended spider control plan. There are many treatment options available to get rid of spiders, each with their own unique purpose. Your spider control plan may include any combination of fog, dust, liquid, or essential oil applications.

3. Spider Treatment & Extermination

Fog and dust applications may be used in tight areas throughout the home, such as crawl spaces and attics. These treatments cling to surfaces when applied and are great for hard to reach areas. Spiders that move through these treated areas pick up the treatment on their bodies, killing them over time. Exterior liquid treatments may also be used on eaves, gutters, downspouts, sidings, window frames, door trims, railings, light fixtures, and even on security cameras. Our spider web sweeping service will also touch on these areas to remove any webs or nests.

4. Ongoing Monitoring & Prevention

Having spiders in your home is more of a nuisance than anything else. We like to follow up and maintain a schedule to keep spiders away from your property in the long run. We'll continue to sweep the exterior of your home in order to limit the amount of spider webs and nests nearby. It's never been easier to keep your home or business free from spiders, thanks to the proactive protection from 707 Pest Solutions. Contact us to get started today!

Call 707 Pest Solutions To Get Rid Of Spiders

Spiders are easy to kill, especially with the help of a professional spider exterminator. Our treatments effectively remove spider webs and repel spiders from your property. We can treat for every species of spider with our variety of control methods. We also offer environmentally friendly, essential oil options for spider control. These essential oils are less potent than our other treatments and require more frequent visits. That’s not to say they aren’t effective, however. Ask us if an essential oil treatment is suitable for your situation.

Spider Species In Humboldt County