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Residential Pest Control

Full-Service & Family-Owned Pest Control In Humboldt

No pest problem is too large for 707 Pest Solutions. Our pest control services are based on the Integrated Pest Management approach. This approach uses our years of pest control experience in Humboldt County to look at problems on a case-by-case basis. To put it another way, we take the factors that make your situation unique into account when developing your solution. We understand that not every pest problem is the same. For this reason, neither are our pest control service options.

After locating pests and their entry points, we often use non-repellent or non-chemical solutions, such as baits and traps, to rid your home of pests. No matter the insect, our technicians can control your pest problem with a service plan specifically crafted for you. We also offer pest inspection services and damage repair services for homes with existing infestations.

What To Expect When You Choose 707 Pest Solutions

Thorough Inspections

When you trust 707 Pest Solutions for your residential pest control needs, you will receive a detailed inspection of your property. During the inspection, our team of certified technicians will identify any insects that may be causing problems around your property. From there, we’ll craft a pest control plan to help rid your home of bugs.

Eco-Friendly Options

We use ENVIRO-FIRST products whenever possible. These products are made from botanical insecticides that contain all-natural ingredients. During our inspection, we will assess whether or not your residential pest issue can be treated with these safe, natural oils. We recommend these eco-friendly pest control options whenever possible for their safe impact on our environment.

Non-Repellent Tech

We offer non-repellent products that are undetectable by bugs. Our pest exterminators will lay non-repellent bait, coated with an active ingredient, near lively pest trails. As pests come into contact with the bait, they carry it back to their colonies and share with the other members. The colony will then ingest the active ingredient without knowing that it is working to kill them over time.

When To Hire A Professional Pest Exterminator

Safety First

Bats, rodents and stinging insects can cause serious harm to not only the health of your home, but also your family and pets. There’s no sense in risking contact with disease or a venomous sting that will send you to the hospital. Our pest control services use products that are safe for humans and pets. We even have eco-friendly options that are proven to be effective! Hiring a professional pest exterminator will keep you and your home safe from pests all year long.

DIY Treatments Don’t Cut It

While there are DIY sprays, foggers and chemical pesticides on the market, they should only be used as a last resort attempt at pest control. These products use heavy-duty chemicals designed to kill pests on contact. The chemicals involved are often harmful to humans and pets. Not only that, but DIY treatments are best at “spot-treatment.” They do little to exterminate full colonies. Our pest exterminators are trained on how to locate and destroy the source of an infestation quickly.

Peace of Mind

We’re going to get the job done right. Our team of pest exterminators will travel to your property for a proper inspection. Regularly scheduled maintenance appointments make sure our pest control services work as they should in the long-term. We have years of experience providing quality pest control to Humboldt County residents. Start living your pest-free life today with a call to 707 Pest Solutions.

Our Residential Pest Control Process

1. Inspect Property For Pests

It is important for you to know exactly what to expect from our pest control service. Likewise, our technicians need to fully comprehend the magnitude of your pest problem to provide effective results. There's no use in performing top-level treatments that do little to resolve the core issue. Our pest exterminators will travel to your location, spot the source of the problem, and develop your pest control plan accordingly.

2. Treatment & Removal Plan

We offer both eco-friendly and non-repellent pest control products. Our treatment methods are safe for your family and your pets. You won't be exposed to dangerous chemicals and harmful pesticides when you hire 707 Pest Solutions to rid your home of pests. Our technicians are trained professionals. We can properly treat and remove the pests in or around your home. We're even capable of repairing damage that may have been caused from pests.

3. Ongoing Maintenance & Prevention

An important step in any pest control process is to keep the pests away after the initial service is completed. To do this, we schedule regular maintenance appointments with our technicians to monitor how our pest control services are working. We refill traps and reapply treatment as needed. Pest control is not a one-and-done service. Our ongoing solutions will help keep you living a pest-free life!

Wildlife Removal & Exclusion Service

We don’t only offer pest control services to residents of Humboldt County. If you have problems with wildlife (like raccoons or skunks), we can help to remove those critters from your property as well. We have a wildlife license with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. This means that we can legally help remove animals from your property.

Our wildlife removal is both a safe and effective. Not only do we trap and release animals back into the wild, we also include an Exclusion Service with our wildlife removal service. This means that after we remove wildlife, we patch up any holes and entry points around your property. This makes access back into your building very difficult for critters.