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Mice are nocturnal rodents that range in color anywhere between white, brown, gray, and black. They are much smaller than their rat counterpart, with the average mouse being 5-8 inches long, including their tail. The three most common mice species in Humboldt County are field mice, deer mice, and house mice. A mouse in your house may seem like a cute visitor at first, but one mouse can quickly turn into hundreds, thanks to their short reproductive cycle. Contact 707 Pest Solutions as soon as you see mouse activity in your home for the best chance of preventing an infestation.

Is It Dangerous To Have Mice In Your Home?

Mice can be cute, but the threats they pose to you and your home are anything but. Keep these points in mind when deciding if a professional mouse exterminator is necessary for your home.

Rapid Reproduction Rates

Mice are notorious for their quick reproduction cycle. Female mice can birth 5-7 babies at a time, with those babies becoming sexually mature in as little as 5 weeks. The mother mouse is then able to mate again immediately after giving birth, producing a second liter in as early as 25 days. This cycle will multiply with each female mouse that is born, potentially causing hundreds of mice to appear in a short amount of time

Mice Spread Disease

Mice mark their territory in a similar way that dogs do. They urinate and defecate in areas they wish to claim. Now imagine that you have hundreds of mice going the bathroom in and around your home. This can create a very hazardous situation. Diseases such as Hantavirus and Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, among others, are spread through mice urine and feces. Read this article from the CDC for more information about the different diseases that mice and rodents can spread.

Structural Damage

One other danger of having mice in your home is that they will chew on almost anything. Mice gnaw through wood, wires, drywall, rubber, insulation, and practically whatever else is denying them access to food or water. Mice can also damage the structural integrity of your house as urine and feces build up in your walls and attic.

Signs Of a Mouse Infestation In Your Home

Mice are more attracted to your home in the colder months. When fall and winter arrive, mice seek warm shelters with steady supplies of food and water. This makes your house the perfect option for these little critters. Be on the lookout for the followiing signs if you suspect a mouse infestation on your property. 

Scurrying and Scratching Noise

Mice are nocturnal, so listen for scratching noises close to bedtime. You might also be able to track their movement as mice walk throughout your walls.

Feces and Urine

Mice droppings are small, dark pellets roughly the same size as a grain of rice. Look for these droppings around baseboards and also be sure to sniff for a potent urine smell.

Grease Tracks & Rub Stains

Mice fur is dirty. Mice will leave grubby streaks behind on walls as they squeeze through holes. These marks are often telling signs of a mice infestation.

Food Piles

Field mice and other species are known to collect food in a single place. They gather whatever food is convenient. From seeds and crumbs, to granola and other small morsels, hardly any food is off limits. Trails of food may even start to form to and from your walls as they start carrying it back to their nests.

Don’t hesitate to contact a professional mouse and rodent control company if you notice any of the signs above. Waiting will only cause major issues to form. 707 Pest Solutions can quickly get rid of the mice in your home and prevent them from re-entering after we leave with our exclusion service.

How Can You Prevent A Mouse Infestation?

Mice are simple creatures with somewhat predictable behaviors. The only three things they need to survive are food, water, and shelter. Properly storing and sealing food in containers can help keep mice out of your house. Food that is left out in the open will only attract mice and other pests. It is also important to keep up with regular house and yard maintenance. Move firewood further away from the building and seal off any possible entry points. We understand that it can be difficult to seal all the entry holes around your home. Our team can do this for you and perform home inspections to further seal off hard to reach areas that are often overlooked by homeowners.

Call 707 Pest Solutions For Mouse Removal & Control

It’s best to leave mouse control to the professionals. You can attempt ‘Do-It-Yourself’ mouse removal, but the baits and traps available on the market aren’t always effective. These methods utilize poisons and chemicals that can be harmful to pets and children, are costly to maintain, and rarely provide long-term success.

Even when the at-home methods do work, you’re left to physically remove the mice from your home yourself. That’s not to mention cleaning up their piles of droppings scattered throughout. Coming in close contact with mice, their urine, and their feces can put you at an increased risk of contracting certain diseases, such as the potentially fatal Hantavirus.

When you need a professional mouse control company, trust the experts at 707 Pest Solutions to get their hands dirty for you. Our service will get rid of mice in and around your home while excluding future rodents from being able to enter the structure.

Our Mouse Control & Exclusion Plan

1. Inspect For Mouse Infestation

A trained technician will inspect your property for what might attract mice to your home. We also look for potential points of entry and make note of any external circumstances that could lead to an increase in rodent population.

2. Recommendation

We present our plan for mouse and rodent control following the inspection of your property. There are many different mouse control methods available at our disposal. We will explain our recommended treatment process, provide a timeline for completion, and answer any questions you may have about our service at this time.

3. Mice Removal & Exclusion

We use an array of traditional snap traps, glue boards, multi-catch devices, and wax block rodenticide to get rid of the mice in your home. The wax block rodenticide is placed securely within a locked pet and child friendly bait box. The most effective and humane form of mouse control, however, is to exclude them from the property altogether. After removing the rodents, our team will secure your home's perimeter to deny them access in the future.

4. Ongoing Monitoring & Prevention

Our rodent control and exclusion service is designed to get rid of the mice in your home and to keep mice out for the foreseeable future. We like to schedule follow up appointments in order to monitor our treatment methods. Contact us to learn more about our process and how we can help.

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