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Bees and wasps are stinging insects that become active in Humboldt and Del Norte County between early spring and the end of winter. Both are capable of stinging, however, bees rarely do. Wasps are the more aggressive of the two, and are notorious for delivering nasty stings. Bees and wasps often build their nests near front porches and under eave overhangs, so it’s important to combat their presence early in order to decrease the likelihood of being stung.

Note: Honey bees are actually beneficial to the environment. They play a role in every aspect of the ecosystem and support the growth of flowers, trees, and other plants. Honey bees are typically not an issue when outside your home, however, problems quickly arise when they find their way inside. Contact 707 Pest Solutions to learn more about our bee and wasp removal service if you notice an abundance of stinging insects, or their nests, near your home.

Are Bees and Wasps Dangerous?

They can be. It’s important to take action as soon as you see bees and wasps flying around your home. Allowing them to create hives and nests will attract their friends and increase the chance for the following to happen.

Yellow Jacket and Wasp Stings

A wasp sting can result in a painful, swollen red bump around the location of the sting. Wasp stings do not usually cause serious health problems, but some individuals may be allergic to the injected venom. In fact, according to the CDC, a total of 1,109 deaths occurred from hornet, wasp and bee stings, between 2000-2017. We recommend hiring a professional wasp exterminator to remove wasp nests for you, as they are very defensive and will attack when provoked.

Honey Bees Inside The House

As mentioned above, honey bees are beneficial to the environment. They typically only become an issue when they build their hives inside walls and attics. This is because honey bees could eventually abandon those hives, leaving honeycombs to rot and create awful smells inside your home. Hives that are left to rot can potentially cause thousands of dollars in structural damage.

Structural Damage

Carpenter bees are usually drawn to warmer climates and higher altitudes, however, we’ve seen an increase in them over the years throughout Humboldt, especially along the coast. They are known for boring into wood in order to lay their eggs. This destructive process can happen anywhere there is wood on your home. It’s a good idea to get rid of carpenter bees soon after you notice them. 707 Pest Solutions can help do just that.

Signs Of A Stinging Insect Infestation Near Your Home

In the summer months, bees and wasps create their nests on trees, overhangs, and even within holes in the ground. In the colder months, these stinging insects seek warmer areas, such as your house, to build their nests. Their favorite areas include attics, decks, roof eaves, crawl spaces, and window sills. A few bees or wasps are to be expected outside the home, but look for the following signs if you suspect an infestation of stinging insects on your property. 

Bee and Wasp Nests

Spotting a bee or wasp nest is an instant sign that you have a problem on your hands. Look near tree branches, overhangs, rafters, and ceilings for gray spheres. They may even have a paper-mache texture to them. Please do use caution when approaching these nests. Wasps are very territorial and may attack on sight. Keep in mind also that a mature wasp nest may contain several thousand wasps. This is just another reason why wasp removal is best left to professional exterminators. 

Wasps Digging Into The Ground

You may find ground nests during the summer months across your yard. Often times, homeowners aren’t even aware of them until they walk or push their lawnmower over them. You can imagine how wasps would react to that! Ground nests are created by ground hornets, and can be hard to identify and treat alone. 707 Pest Solutions provides a special in-ground treatment method to destroy and remove ground wasp nests.

High Amount of Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps emit odors and pheromones that attract others to their nests. You may notice an increase in the number of stinging insects around your property as nests start being built. We don’t advise that you attempt to remove these bee or wasp nests on your own, as you might be allergic to their venom. Rather, you should contact a professional exterminator, such as 707 Pest Solutions, to get rid of bees and wasps for you.

Get Rid Of Bees and Wasps With 707 Pest Solutions

We can not wholeheartedly advise any untrained personal attempt to remove bee or wasp nests on their own. Doing so may result in serious health risks, especially for those allergic to their venom. The technicians at 707 Pest Solutions are industry experts in bee and wasp removal. Our team is trained on how to safely remove bee and wasp nests from your property. This means the only thing you need to do is give us a call. Not only can we get rid of existing bees and wasps, we can implement preventative measures to help keep them away from your home or office building. Contact us today to get started!

Our Bee and Wasp Nest Removal Service

We recommend you seek professional treatment as soon as you notice bees or wasps near your property. It’s necessary to eradicate them before they have a chance to build their nests and attract other stinging insects. Different stinging insects require different removal techniques. We may use any of the following bee and wasp removal methods listed below, depending on what we find after our initial inspection. 

Ground Wasp Nest Removal

Ground hornets and other wasps sometimes make their nests underground. This makes detecting and treating them difficult for those without proper training. Ground nests may require injecting treatment into soil, or into the nest’s hole itself. We flood the ground nest with treatment and allow gravity do the rest. The treatment will be pulled down into the nest, killing any wasps or hornets inside. An insecticidal foam may also be used on the ground nest. Insecticidal foam can also be injected into wall voids and siding for any wasp nests that form within wall cracks and crevices. 

Honey Bee Nest Removal

When honey bees make nests inside your home, their nests are often left to rot and decompose within the structure. 707 Pest Solutions provides a service designed to eradicate honey bees from buildings and clean out their leftover honey combs and nests. We begin by cutting open drywall to expose the decaying nest. Disinfectant is used to kill pheromones and odors that may attract future honey bees, year after year. We then prime, paint, and seal wall cavities to lock out those odors and pheromones even further. Lastly, we repair the drywall and siding that we needed to cut into in order to remove the nest. 

Prevention as a Form of Stinging Insect Control

Preventative services are the best approach to keep bees or wasps far away from your home. 707 Pest Solutions is able to help control your stinging insect population by applying treatment regularly to your home’s exterior. After treatment is applied, bees and wasps won’t have the desire to land or build their nests on the treated surfaces. Not allowing them to build nests is the best way to prevent a bee or wasp infestation from forming. 

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