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Wildlife Removal & Exclusion

Licensed Wildlife Removal Company In Humboldt

Are you dealing with an active wildlife problem on your property? 707 Pest Solutions offers affordable wildlife removal and exclusion services for critters that have found their way into your home or office space. We have a wildlife license with the California Department of Fish and Game and are proud to offer wildlife control methods to our neighbors in Humboldt County. 

Our team will work diligently to evacuate all the critters from your building. But our work doesn’t stop there. Following the animal(s) removal, our exclusion service is designed to forbid them access again into your building.

Why Choose 707 Pest Solutions For Wildlife Removal

When searching for wildlife control near you, there are some things we urge you to be on the lookout for. Hiring a professional wildlife removal company is not always a simple decision. Here are some reasons why 707 Pest Solutions is the trusted wildlife removal company for many families.

Licensed & Experienced

You want to ensure that the company you hire for critter control is qualified and licensed by the state of California. 707 Pest Solutions is a licensed wildlife removal company in California and Humboldt County.

Exclusion Service

We offer an exclusion service along with our wildlife removal service. Our exclusion service works to seal off entryways, so that wild animals no longer have access to your structure. After sealing off the possible entryways, we can install a one-way eviction door so that the wildlife can vacate the structure. A perimeter check of your building will be performed to inspect where wildlife may return. We’ll patch up those areas and keep your building protected.

Damage & Insulation Repair 

A building may likely experience some damage when housing wildlife. Wild animals often carry diseases that are harmful to humans. As critters live in your walls and attics, they’ll likely contact your insulation, which could be a health hazard.

Like rodents and squirrels, some animals also like to chew on wood throughout the house. This could cause severe structural damage to a home. Not to mention what happens in areas where they leave their droppings. 707 Pest Solutions offers an insulation & damage repair service to restore your home’s health after a wildlife infestation.

What You'll Get From 707 Pest Solutions

Industry Knowledge In Humboldt County

We are familiar with what types of critters are common in our area of Northern California. With each wildlife species having its behavioral tendencies, it's essential for the company you hire to understand these differences. Our licensed technicians have over a century of knowledge and are well-versed in all areas of wildlife control.

Proven Effective Wildlife Removal Services

707 Pest Solutions utilizes a one-way exclusion doors when removing wildlife from your home. Our primary method is no longer trapping, as we have found one-way exclusion doors to be a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. Trapping methods can often be problematic because wildlife critters are too smart or too skittish.

Local & Family-Owned Attention To Detail

We value what it means to be a locally-owned business. Our company was formed to provide quality wildlife and pest management solutions to our family and neighbors. Our integrity and honest service are what guide us when hired to serve you. We never take a client for granted and are humbled by the opportunity to give back to our home area.

Schedule A Wildlife Consultation

We offer wildlife removal consultations for our neighbors in Humboldt. Our wildlife removal consultation includes a preliminary evaluation of your situation and our recommended next steps to resolve any issues. If we deem your situation critical, emergency treatment may be advised on the spot. Of course, the decision is always yours. We may recommend a more thorough inspection of your property based on our initial inspection. In many cases, following the inspection, we can eliminate your problem in one visit. 

Wildlife Species In Humboldt County