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Bats are nocturnal creatures known to roost in attics and the walls of homes. If you hear scratching or faint squeaking come nighttime, there is a good chance you may have bats in the attic. Left untreated, bats can cause long term damage to the integrity of a structure. Your physical health may even be at risk when living with bats. If you believe you have bats in your attic or your house, schedule a consultation with 707 Pest Solutions. Our bat removal service is designed to not only get rid of bats living within Humboldt County homes and offices, but also to prevent them from returning after we remove them. 

Are You Living With Bats In The Attic?

Bats in the attic can become a serious issue rather quickly. A bat infestation may pose some direct dangers to your individual health, as well as your home. Bats seek warm and dry shelter in the winter. Your attic fits both of these requirements. Unlike rodents, bats won’t chew or scratch at your electrical wires. With that in mind, you will still want to get bats under control as soon as you suspect them. Their presence in your home is cause for concern. Bats reproduce at a rapid rate, making at-home DIY treatments often ineffective. 707 Pest Solutions has a proven bat removal service designed to get rid of bats fast, and keep them out for prolonged periods after the fact.

Signs Of Bats In The House Or Attic

If you notice any of the following signs, there is a high chance of a bat infestation at your home or office. Professional action should be taken to get rid of bats as soon as any of these are noticed.

Bat Droppings (Guano)

This is possibly the most common sign of bats in your home. Look for guano, or bat dung, around walls and on the ground around your home. As bats squeeze into your attic or walls, they often relieve themselves in the process. Bat guano is small and dark in color. It also has a foul smell. If you see elongated pellets that quickly turn to dust when you press on them, it’s likely bat guano. Allowing guano to build up in the home will create health hazards for your family.

Look For Entry Points

Bats reuse the same few entry points as they enter and leave a residence. You can usually find these entry points along rooflines and wall vents. Look for greasy stains in these areas, as bats will leave behind stains when they squeeze through. 

You Hear Or See Bats

Bats are nocturnal creatures, so listen for them at night in walls and attic. You may also be able to see bats as they come and go late at night or early in the morning. Sit outside during these hours and keep an eye on any possible entry points. You may just spot some unwanted visitors.

Can Bats Cause Damage To Your House?

Yes, bats can cause structural damage to your house if left to their own devices. Not only that, but having bats in the attic may create some serious health risks as well. It’s important to schedule bat control service at the very first sign of activity. You will want to get rid of bats in the attic or walls of your home quickly before any of the following instances occur. 707 Pest Solution has a bat removal service that excludes bats from your home and ensures they don’t return after we leave.

Structural Damage

Bats will not scratch or claw at your walls and wires. Bat damage in the home is created through their guano droppings. If you allow bats to live in the attic of your house, you are also allowing their guano and urine to pile up inside your house. These substances can seep through ceilings and insulation, eventually collapsing a structure. 707 Pest Solutions offers more than just bat removal and exclusion service. We also offer a damage repair service for damage caused by pests, and even an inspection service for home and office owners that aren’t sure if bats are in the attic or not. 

Spread Disease

According to the CDC, bat guano can also cause lung disease spores, such as Histoplasmosis, to spread in humans. With piles of guano and urine building up in your walls or attic, it’s only a matter of time before those piles attract other insects as well. As if that’s not enough, bats are also known to spread rabies. 

Introducing Bat Mites

Often mistaken for bed bugs, bat mites are blood feeders that appear as a side effect of bat infestations. They look very similar to bed bugs and even act in a similar fashion. Bat mites feed on the blood of bats, and will eventually find their way to other blood hosts throughout the home. Their target? Your family and pets. This is just another reason to get rid of bats AS SOON AS you think you have even one bat living in your home.

How To Get Rid Of Bats In Your Attic Or House

Getting rid of bats in your home is only half the battle. It does little good to remove them, only for the bats to return a few days later, possibly with friends. There’s no mistaking the scratching sound you may hear when living with bats. Keep a sniff out as well for the foul scent that accompanies bat guano.

Remember that bat control is a messy game. While there are DIY options available, they aren’t very effective unless you have proper experience. Fortunately, the technicians at 707 Pest Solutions have years of experience performing bat removal and bat exclusion services across Humboldt.

Seal Up Any Entry Holes

So you think you have bats in your attic or home. One way to get rid of bats is to seal up their entry holes. Bats can squeeze their way through holes as small as 1/2 inch. This makes sealing up possible entry holes a tedious, yet all too important, process. 

Clean Up Guano and Other Droppings

As mentioned above, bat guano is notorious for spreading disease to humans. Before attempting to clean bat droppings, we urge you to first put on proper safety gear. Protective gloves, a mask and even an extra layer of clothes will do. Dispose of any droppings in a sealed plastic bag, then disinfect the area. You will also want to get rid of any contaminated insulation left over from bats in the attic. 

Hire A Professional Bat Removal Service

While the steps above may seem manageable, there are lots of moving parts associated with each. You may be able to seal off bat entry holes on your own, but you’ll first want to make sure that there are not any bats in your attic prior to doing so. What a disaster that could lead to. On the other hand, cleaning bat guano without proper equipment can result in a hazardous situation as well. Bat removal is one of the many wildlife control services that 707 Pest Solutions offers residents of Humboldt County. Our main focus is two-fold. Get rid of bats in your attic or home, then exclude them from ever coming back. 

Our Bat Removal & Exclusion Service

1. Inspect For Bats

Bats are scary creatures better left to the professionals. We will send our experienced technicians to your residence to scan for any possible entry points. We will also look for bat droppings and confirm or deny their existence in your home.

2. Recommendation

If our technicians determine there to be bats in your attic, office or home, we will provide you with our recommended bat removal service plan. This includes our exclusion service as well, which is also offered without an existing bat infestation. Your custom bat control plan will show our suggested next steps, as well as the timeframe for completion.

3. Bat Removal & Exclusion

Following the approval of your bat control plan, we begin working to remove the bats from your building in a humane way. Our technicians will even clean up their droppings for you. We make sure to seal off existing entry points after removing the bats, in addition to any other areas we see that may allow for bat entry in the future.

4. Ongoing Monitoring & Prevention

We schedule regular appointments to be sure our work is effective. There's no sense in bat removal without the exclusion service. Our technicians will also be looking to make certain any bat mites aren't still around once the bats are removed.

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