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Raccoons and skunks can be very destructive. These critters are capable of compromising your home’s structural integrity by digging under concrete and foundation to create tunnels beneath your home. That’s not to mention the damage raccoons and skunks can cause to your home’s insulation, wood, and, attic as well.

These animals should never be allowed to roam freely in your yard. Seeing one raccoon near your trash bins, or a skunk scurrying off into the trees, is reason enough to seek professional assistance. 707 Pest Solutions has a license with the California Department of Fish and Game. Our exclusion methods utilize a one-way eviction door to further deny these critters access to your home. Get in touch with our office to learn more about your options.

What Damage Can Raccoons & Skunks Cause To A Home?

Skunks can make their way into crawl spaces, while raccoons can infiltrate both crawl spaces and attics. Both animals can cause serious damage to your home and should be removed by a licensed company as soon as you notice them. 

Insulation & Structural Damage

What your home uses for heating and cooling, raccoons and skunks use for bathrooms and birthing. They will claw through wood and tunnel under houses in order to reach this pink, fluffy stuff. Allowing these animals to nest in your insulation can cause structural damage, is hazardous to your health, and will likely require replacement. 707 Pest Solutions does offer an insulation replacement service for when this happens. 

Skunk Spray

Skunk spray smells like sulfur, or rotten eggs. Skunks may spray around your home and even on insulation. When this happens, 707 Pest Solutions can apply a deodorizer to combat the active enzymes within the skunk spray. Without applying this deodorizer, oils from the spray can permeate into your house. Yuck!


Both raccoons and skunks can bring fleas along with them into your home. These fleas can then leave their respective host animal to see what the rest of the house has to offer, i.e., you and your pets. 

How To Deter Raccoons and Skunks From Your Home

You may be wondering why raccoons and skunks are attracted to your yard in the first place. The two most common reasons are to find food and warm shelter. Their maternity season begins in early spring, so it’s vital they find a safe place to birth their young. There are some simple precautionary measures you can take to deter raccoons, skunks, and other wildlife from your yard. Motion sensor flood lights are great at scaring away these critters when they get too close. Be sure to also store away any bird seed and lock up your trash cans. These tips may seem simple, but are a great starting effort.

How Our Wildlife Removal and Exclusion Service Works

707 Pest Solutions utilizes a one-way exclusion door when removing raccoons, skunks, and other wildlife from your home. Our primary method is no longer trapping, as we have found one-way exclusion doors to be a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. Trapping methods can often be problematic because wildlife critters are too smart or too skittish.

Our team works to first identify the active areas throughout your home and yard. We seal up all potential entry points, such as busted screens, damaged siding, basha boards, and damaged rafters. A one-way eviction door will be installed for two weeks, giving any critters inside your home a chance to exit. We don’t want to secure the home with live animals still inside! Raccoons, skunks, and other wildlife are not able to enter through the door when outside. After the two weeks are up, we come back, remove the one-way door, and install a more permanent barrier to fully seal off and protect your home from wildlife.

Call 707 Pest Solutions For Raccoon or Skunk Removal

There are absolutely no benefits to having raccoons and skunks near your property. One of these animals alone can cause extensive damage to your home. They could even spread diseases to you and your family, such as rabies. Locking up trash cans and installing motion sensor lights are reasonable first steps to prevent them from showing up. 

However, if you spot a critter in your yard, you must leave raccoon and skunk removal to the professionals. 707 Pest Solutions is licensed and has experience dealing with wild animals. We can even repair damage caused by pests and replace any soiled insulation. We are Humboldt County’s one-stop shop for complete wildlife removal and exclusion. Contact us today to get started. 

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