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The two most common rat species in Humboldt and Del Norte are Norway rats and Roof rats. They typically invade buildings in the fall, as weather starts to cool down across Northern California, but rats can be a nuisance any month of the year. Both the Norway and Roof rats are able to chew through most every material in your home when searching for food and water. Living with rats can cause damage to your building and be harmful to your health as well.

Postponing rodent control service often results in structural damage and expensive repairs down the road. We recommend calling 707 Pest Solutions to help get rid of the rats in your building as soon as you suspect their presence.

Is It Dangerous To Have Rats In Your Home?

The short answer: Yes, it is dangerous to have rats in your home. Here’s why.

Chewed Wires & Structural Damage

Rats will chew on almost everything, including wires, shelves, furniture, support beams, and columns. Their chewing may cause structural damage, electrical shortages and even flooding in your home. 

Insulation Damage

Rats may use the insulation in your attic to make their nests. This will contaminate the insulation and pose a threat to your health. 707 Pest Solutions offers an insulation replacement service should you need new insulation as result of living with rats.

Spread Disease

Rats and other rodents are known to spread over 35 different diseases, including Rat Bite Fever and Salmonellosis. These diseases can spread through handling rats directly, touching their urine, feces, saliva, and also through rat bites. It’s important to not sweep up rat droppings, as doing so could crush the pellets and release harmful pathogens in the air.

Rats can also spread disease indirectly through mites, fleas, and ticks that may be living on an infected rat. Since their diseases can spread to humans so easily, rat control efforts are best left to professional exterminators. Contact 707 Pest Solutions when you need rats removed from your home or property.

Signs Of a Rat Infestation In Your Home

You’ll want to act quickly if you suspect rat activity near your home. Keep an eye out for the following signs to help determine if there is an active rat infestation closeby. We do not recommend making any personal attempts to get rid of rats, as disease may spread to you through close contact with rats and their droppings. 

Scratching and Shuffling Noise

You may hear rats as they run around in your roof, attic, or walls. Listen for these noises near bedtime as rats are nocturnal creatures. 

Chew Marks and Entry Holes

Rats have the ability to chew through almost every structure in order to find food and water. They chew to grind down their teeth because, like all other rodents, their teeth are constantly growing. Look for small teeth marks and leftover wood shavings throughout the exterior and interior of your home. 

Smudges and Tracks On Walls

Rats are dirty pests. Their fur carries oil and dirt that can be left on walls as rats squeeze through entry points. Look for dark smudges and streaks on the walls and floors in your home.

Urine and Feces 

Once inside your house, a rat really has no reason to leave. This means that they are also going to the bathroom inside your home. You can tell how recent a dropping is by how damp it is. The more wet the dropping, the more recent it is. Rat urine is also easy to detect, thanks to it’s extremely pungent smell. We implore you to be careful when cleaning up any droppings as rats are known carriers of disease that can be transmitted through their feces. 

We highly recommend seeking help from a professional rat control company if you notice any of the signs above. 707 Pest Solutions has the experience and rat removal tools necessary to help get rid of rats in your home.

What Attracts Rats To Your Home?

Rats require food, water, and shelter in order to survive. Your home or office is the ideal living structure for rats, as it checks off all three of these boxes. You’ll want to make your property less desirable for rats to prevent them from appearing. Remove food sources, such as open garbage cans and pet food bowls, from the outside of your building. Make sure BBQ grills and bird feeders are either far from your building, or covered up. Once they have been drawn to your yard, rats will continue to search for food and water around the perimeter of your home, stopping at nothing until they find a way inside.

Call 707 Pest Solutions For Rat Removal & Control

While ‘Do-It-Yourself’ rat control methods may work for a single rat, we recommend calling 707 Pest Solutions as soon as you suspect a larger issue. Rats carry diseases that are easily transmittable to humans. Some fatal diseases, including hantavirus, can even be inhaled through rat droppings.

We urge caution when using DIY rodent removal methods. Some at-home treatments use chemicals and poisons that can be dangerous to you and your pets. Even when these methods work, you may then find yourself with dead rats inside your walls. This can actually backfire, creating a foul smell and potentially even attracting other predators to your home. 

Do not hesitate to call 707 Pest Solutions for rodent extermination and exclusion service if you suspect a rat infestation. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to rectify the situation and repair necessary damages.

Our Rat Control & Exclusion Plan

1. Inspect For Rat Infestation

The first thing we will look for is how rats are getting into your home. We then look for anything that might make rats gravitate to your property. There may even be external circumstances near your home that can lead to an increase in rodent population.

2. Recommendation

We present our rodent control plan following the inspection. Our team is equipped with many different methods for rat removal, all of which are available to you. We will explain our recommended treatment process, outline the timeline for completion, and answer any questions you may have about our service at this time.

3. Rat Removal & Exclusion

Traditional snap traps, glue boards, multi-catch devices, and wax block rodenticide may be used to control the rodent population in your home and yard. The wax block rodenticide is placed safely within a locked pet and child friendly bait box. The most effective and humane form of rat control, however, is to exclude them from the property. Our team will work to seal the perimeter of your home after removing the rats, so that they are unable to make their way back inside the structure.

4. Ongoing Monitoring & Prevention

Our service is designed to keep your home rat free well into the future. We like to schedule follow up appointments to monitor our efforts and confirm their effectiveness. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with removing and excluding rats and rodents from in and around your home.

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