Termite control

Termites feed on wood and can cause major damage to homes and office buildings if left unchecked. Subterranean termites, the most common culprits in Humboldt County, move to and from your building via mud tunnels between it and their nests.

Liquid Treatment: Our choice for controlling termites is usually Termidor America’s #1 Termite Defense Product, an advanced nonrepellent, or “undetectable,” liquid technology that termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid. This allows termites to contact, ingest, and share Termidor, completely unaware, they pass through the treated soil and return home. Once they are back with the colony, they infect one another as they share food and communicate with each other, inevitably killing the whole colony.

Termite Bating: We are proud to be the only local company offering the Sentricon System, we are Certified Sentricon Specialists and frequently undergo comprehensive training and pass an annual service excellence reviews required by Dow AgroSciences.

Once installed, the Sentricon System forms a ring of protection around your property that does not degrade over time. It gets to the heart of the issue and eliminates the entire colony by using smart, effective science that turns the natural foraging behavior of termites against them.

Sentricon is the only termite product awarded with the Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

Awarded by the EPA, this award recognizes technical innovation that incorporates environmentally responsible chemistry into its design, manufacture and use. The original Sentricon System received this award based on its low impact on human health, low toxicity to nontarget organisms and low potential for groundwater contamination. Additionally, it was registered under the U.S. EPA Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative.

Damage Inspection and Repair

While inspecting for and exterminating the pests in your home or office, we assess for the damages they caused. We’ll make our best, honest appraisal of your next best steps. If you wish, we can help in fixing some of those damages right away. 


Free Consultation

Our free consultation includes a preliminary evaluation and recommendations for the next steps. If your situation is critical, we may recommend an emergency treatment then and there. Of course, the decision is yours.