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Free Consultation

Our free consultation includes a preliminary evaluation and recommendations for the next steps. If your situation is critical, we may recommend an emergency treatment then and there. Of course, the decision is yours. 


Usually, we will recommend a more thorough inspection. In many cases, we can then eliminate your problem in one visit. 

FREE Pest Control Inspections

When you call us with a pest problem, we will recommend a pest inspection. It makes sense to allow for a thorough inspection, because it can often save time and money in the end. Our inspection will uncover:

  • Exactly what pest is invading your home (different pests need different solutions);
  • Just how big your problem is (what you can see and what you can’t); 
  • The damages already caused (chewed wiring, missing or soiled insulation, etc.); and
  • All the places the pests are using as highways into your home or business.  

Our inspection will result in recommendations for immediate treatment and/or for long-term remedies for a variety of pests, from bedbugs to bats. 


Home-buying Pest Inspection Services

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. It’s important to choose the right professional to inspect that home for termite and other pest damages. As experts in the pest control industry, we can provide a thorough analysis of possible damages to the exterior, interior, or substructure of the home caused by wood-destroying pests, schedule permitting.