Brown Branded Cockroach

Can be 5/8 of an inch and can be identified by the wings that have two brownish yellow bands. They are nocturnal and can fly, and prefer dark, warm areas, higher elevations, and to live inside furniture. Often are confused with the German cockroach and are not dependent on moisture.

German Cockroach

Can be 5/8 of an inch long and appear from a light to medium brown with two long, dark streaks on the thorax. They are nocturnal and often found around buildings in the colder months and outdoors during the warmer months. Also are the most common species of cockroach.

Oriental Cockroach

Can be about once inch long and a dark brown in color. Most common outdoors, near the ground and in warm, damp areas similar to basements or ground floor storage areas. Can give off a distinctive, unpleasant odor.