707 Pest Solutions is a family-owned, full-service pest exterminator. We offer honest, professional, and affordable solutions to your pest problems: 

  • We understand the pests that inhabit Humboldt County homes and businesses;
  • We know how to get rid of them and how to prevent them from coming back; and
  • Our team will recommend actions to defend against pests returning after we have removed them.

Our work is thorough. We pay attention to the places we treat in your home, and use our experience to design a set of recommendations tailored specifically to your needs.    

We know that pest issues are usually uncomfortable, often a nuisance and sometimes dangerous if left unchecked or if they get suddenly out of control. When you need us, we will respond as quickly as possible.


We pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity. Our company was formed to fulfill the dream of using our training and experience in the pest control industry to benefit our family and our community. We find tremendous value in being a locally owned business and we support local businesses ourselves whenever possible. We are committed to being the pest control company you can trust to be both affordable and effective.


It is not always necessary to spray, spray, spray to get rid of pests. Our pest control solutions are based on the Integrated Pest Management approach. It’s a way of using our expertise to look at problems on a case-by-case basis. We take factors unique to your situation into account when developing a solution. After locating the pests and their access points into the building, we often use non-repellent or non-chemical solutions to successfully eliminate your problem.   


MICHAEL RYBECK is a man on a mission: he knows he can help Humboldt County residents get rid of their pests, and he has the training and experience to get the job done. 

Michael’s training in pest control is from the Orkin Pest Control training program, one of best programs for pest management in the nation. He has worked in the industry throughout Northern California and as far away as the Midwest. This broad-based experience is an advantage for understanding the behaviors of pests in Humboldt, especially when their behavior is outside of the norm, or a new pest arrives. 

Michael has built relationships with professionals in the field from companies from throughout the U.S. who can be called upon for analysis of a situation, which in the end saves time and money.

A devoted husband and father, Michael lives with his wife, Julia, and children in Eureka. Active in the community, Michael is passionate about devoting time to helping others through his church and local community efforts.

STEVE GOMES brings a background in the agricultural pest managment industry to 707 Pest Solutions. He understands the pests that plague the farms and ranches in Humboldt County. He is adept at working with people and at figuring out where and how pests are entering buildings both on the ranch and off. Married to Michael’s sister, Steve is active in the community as well, and focuses much of his time to helping troubled youth. 

JULIA RYBECK. Julia is the office manager, accountant, and organizer of 707 Pest Solutions. With a background in banking and finance, she oversees the management of the business from filing to accounting. She and Michael are raising their young family in Eureka.